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Construction starts on new theatre above Crossrail site

Construction of Soho's first major theatre building in over 50 years has started, next to the demolished Astoria on Tottenham Court Road.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes tours of the Hackney Empire

This coming Friday (28th Sept) there's a chance to go behind the curtain at the Hackney Empire for a behind the scenes look at the recent changes to the famous entertainment venue.

Shoreditch’s Shakespearean theatre to be opened to the public

The remains of a Shakespearean theatre discovered under the streets of Shoreditch will be go on public display next year, as part of a new museum opening on the site.

Tickets Alert: Free theatre tickets for children

In August there is an event called Kids Week that offers free tickets to children to go to the theatre. Despite its name, it appears to last all month.

The gutted interior of the Arcola Theatre revealed

Last January, the Arcola Theatre marked its 11th anniversary by moving into a new home, a former paint works and did what they could with the building to get it open in just a few weeks, but now thanks to

Visiting the remains of the Rose Theatre hidden under an office block

In the year of our Lord, 1587 two gentlemen decided to build what was probably the first ever dedicated playhouse to provide entertainments to the citizens of the City of London escaping its tight morals for a night of debauchery

The Handsomest Room in Town

On the 28th March 1859, a new Music Hall opened in the East End of London – and on the 29th March 2009 it opened again to the public for an afternoon of free visits. Wilton’s Music Hall is the