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Appeal logged to build the Tulip skyscraper

The controversial plans for a tulip shaped viewing tower are back, with an appeal logged against the decision to block its construction.

The “Tulip” skyscraper is blocked by Mayor of London

A tall tulip shaped tower planned to be planted next to the Gherkin as a viewing platform has been blocked by the Mayor of London.

City gives the thumbs up to the Tulip Skyscraper

The controversial Tulip skyscraper has been approved by the City of London, despite complaints from various heritage lobbies and the Mayor of London’s office.

Proposed Tulip skyscraper breaches London regulations

The Mayor of London could find himself in dispute with the Lord Mayor of London over proposals for a tall viewing skyscraper called the Tulip. The tall bulbous tipped tower is planned to sit right next to the Gherkin skyscraper,

A closer look at the space-age “Tulip” skyscraper

Earlier this week it was announced that planning permission would be sought for a “Tulip” skyscraper viewing platform in the City of London.

Space-age tower planned for the City of London

A dedicated viewing tower that looks like something out of a science-fiction movie could be coming to the City of London.