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Return to the View from the Shard

Just over four years ago, a bright morning had me up at the top of the Shard for a look. Time to go back for another look.

Tickets Alert: Cheap entry to The Shard for a Year

If you get up early next Monday morning, you'll could be able to get an annual pass for unlimited visits to The Shard for a whole year.

The Shard testing a lighting display this weekend

Looks like The Shard is up to something, as they will be testing some lighting effects over the weekend in the early hours.

Vintage panoramas of modern London

Hand-drawn panoramas of London taken from balloons were a staple diet of Victorian newspapers, and in the modern age, similar photos from up high can be equally captivating.

Early morning photo opportunity at The Shard

The View from The Shard is having a couple of early morning openings for photographers, and will be relaxing the usual ban on tripods and other heavy equipment that are not permitted during normal open hours.

Watch the Red Arrows from the top of The Shard

There is one day of the year where you can be absolutely certain of a major military flypast over London followed by the Red Arrows -- on The Queen's official birthday in June.

Photos from the top of The Shard skyscraper

In a few weeks time, London's latest tourist attraction opens as the viewing floors at the top of The Shard skyscraper start welcoming their first paying customers.

Photos from the top of One New Change

Famously, the French writer, Guy de Maupassant so loathed the Eiffel Tower that on visits to Paris, he would always eat lunch in its restaurant, as it was the only way he could “avoid seeing its otherwise unavoidable profile”. Frankly,

Boris on top of The Shard

Yes, it’s a blatant PR stunt, but Mayor Boris went not just to the top of The Shard today, but actually a little bit higher than even that – as he climbed up the crane sitting on the very top

The Shard Arises – Aug/Sept 2010

Latest in the roughly monthly series of photos of The Shard as seen from my flat. At the end of July the rise of the flooring structure around the base of the core, and the emergence of a “mini-core” to

The Shard Arises – July 2010

Latest in the monthly series of photos of The Shard as seen from my flat. At the end of June the concrete core had just surpassed Guys Hospital, but at the end of July was quite noticeably higher. Also of

The Shard Arises – June 2010

Latest in the monthly series of photos of The Shard as seen from my flat. After a couple of months of idleness, the building has really started to rocket upwards and this month, the concrete core overtook the Guys Hospital

The Shard Arises – April & May 2010

After a bit of a hiatus, a resumption of my (supposedly) monthly updates about The Shard tower being built by London Bridge. After doing almost nothing during April, the Shard has over the past couple of weeks finally started rising

The Shard Arises!

A few months ago I decided to start taking regular photos of the skyline to document the construction of The Shard from my home. Umm, a bit of laziness in taking photos and incompetence in keeping some of the ones

Watching The Shard go up

Looking up from the desk where I spend rather too much time typing on a computer keyboard, I can see the embryonic stages of a new skyscraper starting to rise up over London. To be honest, I can’t actually see