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Stone – the new wonder material for buildings

Imagine a building material strong enough to support a skyscraper, but without any of the CO2 emissions of concrete or steel, and you have the new wonder of construction — stone.

Garish Holborn kiosk to be replaced with hexagons

The decade old information kiosk outside Holborn tube station could be replaced by a series of digital screens, if plans by the local business group is carried out.

Exhibition: The revival of ceramics on building facades

There’s a bit of a revival going on in building land at the moment — people are getting excited about covering buildings in ceramics.

Exhibition – Welcome to the underworld

A basement off Tottenham Court Road is currently hosting a photo exhibition of other very much grander subterranean spaces from across the world.

70 years of celebrating concrete

A magazine starting publishing in 1947, and it’s still going strong today, so there’s an exhibition about its namesake – concrete.

Supermaterials on display at the Building Centre

In a land dominated by brick and steel and concrete, what will the homes and offices of the future be made from?

Crossrail art goes on display

A major construction project will have photographic records of the work done, but can also sometimes seek out more artistic interpretations, and Crossrail has done that.

A Huge Scale Model of the City of London

Everyone loves a model village, and now the City of London has opened up its to the public.

The past and future of London’s roads on display

If you look at any map of a city, the dominating feature isn’t the buildings, but the roads. It is their lines snaking around the city that mark out its regions and create the familiar boundaries we use to navigate.

A huge scale model of London

The Building Centre has replaced its already impressive scale model of London, with an even larger version.

Huge model of London to be replaced

If you haven’t been to the Building Centre to have a look at their huge scale model of London, you might want to get along sharpish, as it is about to be replaced.

A history of the London Mayor — in cartoons

The office of London Mayor maybe fairly young — by British standards — but it has spawned a huge array of satirical cartoons about the two mayors we have so far elected.