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New railway station at Brent Cross West gets approval

A new station on the Thameslink line for Brent Cross was given final approval by Barnet council last week.

Put Thameslink on the tube map says London Assembly

A report on improving accessibility on London’s Transport services has called for the fully accessible Thameslink line to be on the Tube map as a matter of some urgency.

Transport Museum looks at how Thameslink untangled the tracks

A new exhibition is looking at the recent substantial works to upgrade the Thameslink lines so that a mainline railway can, in places offer tube-train like services.

Funding for homes and a new railway station in North London

Two major new housing communities will be built in London alongside new railway stations, the government has announced.

Thameslink’s Elstree & Borehamwood station set for upgrade

A planned upgrade of the railway station at Elstree & Borehamwood station is set to go ahead now that Thameslink has awarded the £1.5m contract.

Thameslink to get a new station in North London

Plans to build a new Thameslink station in Brent Cross have taken a step forward after the compulsory purchase order was formally signed.

30th Anniversary of the Thameslink service

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Thameslink line services through central London. The first trains ran on the 16th May 1988, but the launch was marred by cancellations after a train developed a fault.

Southern Railway tops the league of worst railways

For the third year in a row, Southern Railway has scored the lowest customer satisfaction ranking in a survey by Which magazine.

New railway line for West London proposed

An old railway line currently used for cargo trains could be converted into passenger use, linking parts of West London currently poorly served by rail services.

Turning around Britain’s “worst railway”?

You’ve been in the job for just five months, and tasked with turning around the London south-eastern section of Network Rail – dubbed by some as Britain’s worst railway. What do you do?

22 photos of the new Thameslink Train

This is what Thameslink passengers will be riding in from sometime in 2016 as the first of the new trains arrive.

Photos from behind the hoardings at Blackfriars Station

Since construction started back in 2009, much of Blackfriars railway station has been shrouded in builders hoardings protecting the public from the dirt (usually) and noise (occasionally) generated by the rebuilding work to make the station ready for Thameslink. As

A Slightly Behind-the-Scenes Look at Kings Cross Train Station

When booking a tour of Kings Cross station with limited information about what the tour will include, there is a risk that it will be just a wander around the public areas, or maybe a good look around some of

The last Thameslink train from Moorgate

Yesterday evening, the very last ever Thameslink train to leave Moorgate station – did indeed leave Moorgate station. Being the last train, loads of train geeks turned up to be able to tell their grandchildren “yes, son – I did

The last Thameslink train from Moorgate

This Friday, Moorgate station will close to Thameslink trains forever as the track approaching it will be cut off thanks to the Thameslink 2000 – I mean, Thameslink Programme – of network upgrades. Hinted at in this week’s issue of

Ludgate Hill Viaduct in 1896

Taken from a June 1896 issue of the Illustrated London News, this is one of a series of “scenes of London” – this of Ludgate Circus. Notable though is the railway bridge and steam train belonging to the Chatham and