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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. ROLL UP, ROLL UP the FATBERG is in town!

A lump of congealed human waste seems an unusual object for a museum, let alone one to cause so much... is excitement the correct word?

Prepare to be disgusted as the Whitechapel fatberg goes on display

If you've ever wanted to see a congealed mass of babies nappies, cooking fat and domestic waste, next year is your chance, as chunk of the notorious fatberg that clogged up the sewers under Whitechapel is to go on display at the Museum of London.

Tube tunnel sized sewer planned for Kensington

One of London's lost rivers could get a tube-tunnel sized bypass under planned announced by Thames Water.

Abbey Mills Pumping Station and the Beckton Sewage Plant

During Open House Weekend, I was able to visit two related sewage facilities – the Beckton Sewage Plant and the impressive Abbey Mills Pumping Station. I would have visited more, but the booking system debacle left me in a dilemma