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Photos – the new DLR Extension to Stratford International
Photos – the new DLR Extension to Stratford International

A day later than I had originally expected, the DLR extension to Stratford International has finally opened to the general public.

Exhibition about the Thames Cable Car opens at the Building Centre
Exhibition about the Thames Cable Car opens at the Building Centre

After a few months of occasional prodding the river bed looking for unexploded German bombs, earlier this week construction formally started on the Cable Car that will stretch across the river by the O2/Millennium Dome/White Elephant (delete as appropriate). Coincidentally,

Does The Queen have a Boris Bike account?
Does The Queen have a Boris Bike account?

Silly question to which I am sure the answer is NO, but the TfL website isn’t taking any chances with its feedback form. I have had a problem with logging in to my Boris Bike account, and being the sort

London’s first skyscraper gets listing upgrade

Once the tallest secular building in London, the London Transport’s iconic Art Deco headquarters building has had its protected status upgraded from Grade II to Grade I. Once considered a building that is “nationally important and of special interest”, the

Today marks the 120th Anniversary of the Northern Line

Sort of. Technically, today (18th Dec) marks the 120th anniversary of the first passenger journeys on what was at the time known as the City and South London Railway, but is today better known as the Northern Line. Not only

A chat with the Top Man at Transport for London

An offer of a whole hour with Peter Hendy, Commissioner of TfL is not something that happens that often, so the offer of a “bloggers briefing” was quite an opportunity. As such, three of London’s scribes found themselves in a

West Ashfield – London Underground’s “secret” tube station
West Ashfield – London Underground’s “secret” tube station

There lurks on the London Underground network a tube station that wont appear on any tube map, past, present or indeed future. In use on most days, yet no trains ever call there and no passengers ever use it.

Transforming Aldwych Tube Station

UPDATED 4th September 2010 – special guided tours of the station will be available later this month, more details here. — There you are, a quiet little tube station slumbering quietly on the corner of a road, little used save

London Overground Service to Shrink on Sunday

This coming Sunday, the second phase of the East London Line conversion to being part of the London Overground will be completed as trains will cease to stop at New Cross Gate and will instead run down to West Croydon.

Take the 1938 Tube Train to the Disused Charing Cross Platforms
Take the 1938 Tube Train to the Disused Charing Cross Platforms

How about this – a chance to take the tube to the closed Charing Cross tube station – and not just any tube train, but the heritage 1938 stock. Just had an email from TfL letting me know that there

Filming gets easier on the London Underground

Had a press release come through from TfL gushing about their improved service for film makers and the setting up of a dedicated film office. Great if you want to make films, but what about the remaining 99.99% of people

Oysters on the Thames

The Thames river bus service, The Thames Clipper – which zooms past my flat on a very regular basis – has announced that it is to start accepting Oyster PrePay cards from November. Still to be confirmed is whether

The DLR’s Brief History of The Docklands

Somehow missed this, but the DLR has published A Brief History of Time the Docklands as a station by station guide. The booklet, some 28 pages long gives 2-3 paragraphs to the history of the area which each station is

Quiz the Tube Managers

After a group of London bloggers were recently invited to meet with TfL, it is now possible for anyone to quiz the same people we had the chance to chat to. TfL is launching the second (?) of their online

Bloggers Briefing with London Transport

On Tuesday, I was invited to join a bunch of other London based scribes to have a lunchtime round-table meeting over at Transport for London’s iconic HQ building office round the corner from their iconic HQ building to get some

A tour of Aldwych Station on the London Underground

Earlier this year, I along with a group had a rather rare tour of the disused Aldwych tube station. We were actually supposed to go somewhere else as part of a special deal arranged with the Friends of the Transport

MI5 wants access to your Oyster Card records

Records of journeys made by people using smart cards that allow 17 million Britons to travel by underground, bus and train with a single swipe at the ticket barrier are among a welter of private information held by the state

Hacking the Oyster Card

It seems that the RFID chip used in London Underground’s Oyster Card – supplied by former Philips subsidiary, NXP Semiconductor – has been hacked by researchers at the University of Virginia. The researchers were testing the claims in a report

Transport for London excel in stupidity this weekend

Transport for London has just made one of the most insane decisions known to mankind. Even by their standards, this takes some beating. Checking the weekend engineering works email I get every Wednesday, I spy something which makes me worry.

An old news article about the Central Line Underground Railway

I have a copy of an article published in The New York Times on March 7th 1898 which goes into detail about the construction of the first stage of what we today call the Central Line on the underground. As

Brilliant Metrolink?

The new London Transport museum has opened, and oddly I haven’t actually paid a visit yet. Anyhow, one display which I will keep an eye out for when I do get round to paying a visit is the one extolling

More woes for Ken Livingstone

Following on from the fairly negative report in Channel 4’s Dispatches program on Monday, and the resignation under dubious circumstances of one of his colleagues yesterday – comes a report that he is promoting a parliamentary bill which would make