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TfL Tests Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing Technology

You know how it is as a pedestrian, waiting at traffic lights as the little green man lights up, and you look over to the other side, only to see a wall of people heading towards you that you need to navigate your way through.

Rant time! Stupid website security questions

Poor TfL, about to get a bout of my ire, and while they are not the only miscreants in this area, what I just saw is pretty high up the rankings of poor practice.

A look at London’s tube and rail upgrade plans

The periodic board meeting minutes at TfL have been published, and amongst all the words and pictures some useful nuggets sometimes emerge.

A look around the London Overground upgrade project

Over the next year, people using the London Overground will start to see changes, as the line prepares for a 25% capacity upgrade.

Confusing email about Olympic changes to Canary Wharf

I just received a rather badly worded email from TfL laying out what they will do at Canary Wharf tube station during the Olympics, that leaves more questions than it answers. First, here is the text of the email. I

A look around the building works on the Hammersmith Flyover

The dramatic closure then partial reopening of the Hammersmith Flyover is about to move into a new phase as a series of night-time closures takes place to finish off the main works that have taken place so far.

How TfL is planning for the Olympics traffic deluge

Later this summer, the transport will/wont be thrown into chaos as unlimited hordes of people visit the city during the Olympics, and it is interesting to ponder how we will all cope with the dramatic changes. There has been a

Green Park tube station to get groundwater cooling system

I thought work on this had been paused as part of the Great Olympic Engineering Shutdown, but a note from TfL earlier today says that a rather interesting air cooling system will be introduced at Green Park station this summer.

Boris Bike stand maps ignoring the River Thames

The Boris Bikes are coming to the Isle of Dogs and in doing so, showing up the fallacy of using walking/cycling distance indicators that ignore the Thames. In central London, where bridges are plentiful, then the river is hardly a

Too many improvements in an email – TfL’s changing language

I noticed something last week which stood out a bit, and it happened again today, so I dug into my archive to see when it happened. What am I talking about? The weekly emails from TfL warning of dire problems

A 3D model of Bank Tube Station – and a look at the upgrade plans

If planning permission is granted, then six years of building and tunnelling works will start at Bank tube station from 2015 to fix the notorious bottleneck at the Northern Line. To explain this mammoth task, TfL announced earlier this week

Photos – the new DLR Extension to Stratford International

A day later than I had originally expected, the DLR extension to Stratford International has finally opened to the general public.

Exhibition about the Thames Cable Car opens at the Building Centre

After a few months of occasional prodding the river bed looking for unexploded German bombs, earlier this week construction formally started on the Cable Car that will stretch across the river by the O2/Millennium Dome/White Elephant (delete as appropriate). Coincidentally,

Does The Queen have a Boris Bike account?

Silly question to which I am sure the answer is NO, but the TfL website isn’t taking any chances with its feedback form. I have had a problem with logging in to my Boris Bike account, and being the sort

London’s first skyscraper gets listing upgrade

Once the tallest secular building in London, the London Transport’s iconic Art Deco headquarters building has had its protected status upgraded from Grade II to Grade I. Once considered a building that is “nationally important and of special interest”, the