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The “All-Female Tube Station” is 100 years old

The first tube station to be staffed entirely by women marks its 100th birthday tomorrow (Sat), and there will be events to mark the anniversary.

The new tube map assailed by a sea of orange

Slightly earlier than expected, the new tube map has been revealed, which has seen a swathe of orange invade the east, and the first section of what will be the future Crossrail come into action.

TfL seeking a fresh redesign for its new DLR trains

There could be a fleet of new fully walk through trains on the DLR with air-conditioning in the near future, according to a document published by TfL.

TfL expanding “bums on bus seats” sensor trial

Last year, TfL started a trial of a technology that can tell people how many seats are available on the upper deck of a bus. It ran on just the one bus on route 141 during the trial.

Abseilers installing art inside Westminster tube station

Last week as London slept, abseilers were seen working their way around the cavernous box that is the Westminster tube station.

60 mini Boris Buses to be deployed across London

A display of some of the 60 new mini Boris Buses took place in central London this morning causing more than a few heads to turn and people to point and giggle at the sight.

Tube trains every 100 seconds with Jubilee line upgrade

The Jubilee Line is set to get an upgrade that will see the number of trains running through the line during the peak times rise to 36 per hour by 2019. At the moment, the peak rate in 30 trains per hour (tph).

Life-size mock-up of a Tube station

There’s an exhibition next month devoted to making London’s transport more accessible to people with disabilites, or of a certain age.

New Routemaster gets Guitar Branding

Another of London’s new Routemaster buses has been given an advertising makeover — this time by the guitar brand, Fender Stratocaster, which is marking its own 60th anniversary this year.

London Bus themed bar to open next month

Next month the Design Junction returns to London, and as in previous years, will include a London Transport themed bar.

TfL testing new display screens in buses

Double decker buses are starting to get intelligent. They know how many people are upstairs, and which seats they are sitting on. And soon they will start telling you.

Vintage buses to run around Wembley

Another of London’s bus garages is set to let the general public inside for a look around next Saturday, and offer trips around the area in vintage buses.

TfL removes advert from website homepage

TfL revamped its website recently, and little commented on but quite noticeable is that slap bang in the heart of the main page is space for an advert.

Unusual train movement this weekend

There is a chance to sate your railway geek this weekend as London Overground trains run along a slightly unusual route, and past a long since closed station.

The secret ticket that only works in one tube station

On the London Underground there are a number of different sorts of tickets that you can buy, but there is one ticket that works at just one station, and you can’t buy it.