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TfL gets approval for 852 new homes in Acton

TfL’s largest residential development so far, over 850 homes along old railway land in Acton has secured planning permission.

TfL to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to face masks

Although the majority of people comply with the law regarding wearing a face cover on public transport, TfL is stepping up its enforcement against people who still refuse to wear one without good reason.

TfL to keep accepting cash payments for London travel tickets

A temporary reprieve for cash, as TfL has put on hold plans to stop accepting cash as payment for travel tickets.

Details of London’s tube and bus fare rises confirmed

The overall cost of London’s public transport costs will rise by 2.6% on 1st March, but that overall number hides big discrepancies in how the fares rise is being implemented.

Disused station next to the DLR to be turned into housing

A plot of land running alongside the DLR in Bow has been earmarked to provide housing under a deal between TfL and the housing association, Optivo.

170 people prosecuted for not wearing a face mask on London transport

So far, since the regulations came into effect about wearing a face covering on public transport, 170 people have been prosecuted in court for non-compliance.

People without bank accounts struggle to use London’s transport

Plans by TfL to stop accepting cash payments at its ticket offices and machines could make it very difficult for cash-only buyers to buy tickets.

Non-Londoners could pay £3.50 to drive into London

After fighting off plans to expand the existing congestion charge out to the North and South circular roads, there is now a suggestion that there could be a London-wide charge to drive a car.

TfL releases WW2 archive online

The actions of London’s transport during WW2 are being highlighted by TfL’s corporate archives for the next few months.

TfL adds “next bus” information to its iPhone app

TfL’s own in-house smartphone app released an upgrade last Thursday which now adds live next bus information to the search function.

TfL secures funding deal to keep London’s buses and trains running

TfL has secured a six-month lifeline to keep London’s transport network running until the end of next March.

Old Street station to be exit only in the mornings from November

As part of the works to rebuild the Old Street Roundabout, there will be no entry into Old Street station in the mornings from Monday 2nd November until next summer.

Londoners facing higher council taxes to bail out TfL

Part of the cost of funding trains and buses could be higher council taxes across London, on top of higher fares and a wider congestion charge.

London’s railway upgrades – a progress report

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on when the lines are closed at weekends, this is a break-down from TfL of what’s happened in recent months, and the impact of the lockdown on the rail network.

TfL has until Halloween to secure a long term funding deal

TfL’s existing funding agreement with the government has been extended to the end of the month while both sides continue to negotiate over a long term funding settlement.

London Underground themed cycling clothing

If you’re not totally worn out with London Underground themed clothing, now comes a range of moquette cycling gear.

The arguments over TfL debt numbers

In politics, facts are often an early casualty, and one of the claims being advanced a lot at the moment is that TfL’s current financial crisis predates the Covid lockdown.

Governance of the Crossrail programme transfers to TfL

TfL has taken direct control of the Crossrail project away from the arms-length approach that had been in place during the construction of the railway.