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London’s rail upgrades: A progress report

As part of their bi-monthly meetings, TfL releases details about upgrades to the services it manages, often offering insights into otherwise unreported events.

South Kensington tube station upgrade moves forward

The long running saga of an upgrade for the overcrowded South Kensington tube station has taken a step forward.

Look out for “Please Offer Me a Seat Badges” coming to tube trains

White badges informing commuters that a lady has a baby on board are being joined by blue badges to indicate a hidden disability.

TfL outlines cost cutting and line upgrade plans

TfL, and the Mayor have outlined plans for the phase of development of London's transport, focusing on cost cutting and investments in street services.

Elizabeth Line’s arrival to see cuts to buses along Oxford Street

The arrival of the Elizabeth Line (nee, Crossrail) in a couple of years time will see more changes to central London -- as buses services are to be cut.

Second anniversary of London’s contactless revolution

Today marks the second anniversary of the latest in a long line of payment revolutions on London's Transport, but this is one that snuck out with an almost overlooked level of publicity.

TfL Board papers published

The bi-monthly board meeting papers have been published on the TfL website ahead of their meeting next week, and a few interesting snippets have emerged.

Tube style route maps coming to London buses

Later this month, two bus routes in London will get onboard digital displays that look rather like tube maps.

South Kensington tube station upgrade moves forward

The long running plans to upgrade South Kensington tube station took another step forward after BuckleyGrayYeoman was appointed by TfL to carry out a major upgrade of the station.

Trafalgar Square’s traffic lights change for Pride

Around 50 pedestrian traffic signals around Trafalgar Square have had their 'walk' image replaced with new diversity images as part of the celebrations for Gay Pride this coming weekend.

The past and future of London’s roads on display

If you look at any map of a city, the dominating feature isn't the buildings, but the roads. It is their lines snaking around the city that mark out its regions and create the familiar boundaries we use to navigate.

Bank tube station upgrade gets final approval

The upgrade, which will cost £563 million will see the capacity of the tube station increased by 40%, and two news travolators added to speed transfers between the Central and Northern lines.

New Years Eve London travel sponsors

This year's free travel on London transport over the night of New Year's Eve is being sponsored by a company that wants you to leave London

Metropolitan line extension secures funding deal

London Underground has confirmed that plans are in place to start construction work on the extension of the Metropolitan line next year, with the aim of completing the new link in 2020.

Latest images of future Crossrail trains

Transport for London (TfL) has shown off the latest images of designs for the new Crossrail trains.

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