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Rodin exhibition coming to Tate Modern for the summer

That famous statue of a naked man thinking is coming to London, as part of an exhibition about the man who made it, Auguste Rodin.

Tate Modern’s slavery judging fountain

A gigantic, and I mean, monumentally gigantic, fountain currently fills the main hall of the Tate Modern, and is accidentally far more topical than it had expected to be

Send robots to look at British art

Soon the Tate Britain will let four remotely controlled robots roam around their art galleries, controlled by people at home with computers, so that the remote voyeur can look at the art from their sofa.

Some old almshouses behind the Tate Modern

Thanks to the ongoing works at Blackfriars Bridge, there is a diversion for people walking along the riverside that takes us around some of the side streets in the area, and if you look from side to side occasionally, you

Early Experiments in Computer Animation

Last night I wandered over to the Tate Modern to watch a series of short videos on “Early Experiments in Computer Animation” – which rather appealed to my geek-side. Alas, it proved to be a bit of a disappointment. I