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Inside the hidden vaults under the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Experts had long thought the mighty stone foundations of the Clifton Suspension Bridge were as solid as the bedrock they stood upon. The experts were wrong.

Photos – underground brick vaults by the Mall

The Mall Galleries, housed within the Grade I listed Carlton House Terrace on The Mall, is to have its previously unseen brick vaults restored, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Obviously, unrestored brick vaults are like catnip

Turning the deep level air-raid shelters into cheap hotels

60 years ago, the Festival of Britain opened, largely at the South Bank in London, but it was actually a nationwide festival with events all across the country. However, London was the focus, and the city was barely recovering from

Pipes under pavements exposed in all their nakedness

Most people will harbour a mild curiosity about what is under the pavements and roads we walk along, even if such curiosity only emerges blinking into the light of conciousness on the rare occasion that said pavement is dug up

Coming Soon – Guided Tours of Aldwych Tube Station

UPDATED 23rd Sept: All tickets are now SOLD OUT and it is highly unlikely that they will let people go in on the day. I am going tomorrow (Friday) and expect to have a report on this blog in the

A whole week of Subterranean London events

Fancy a week (well, almost) of events about the mysteries that lurk unseen under the streets of London? Sadly, mainly limited to talking about what is down there rather than actually visiting the places, the talks will still be of

Visiting a huge tunnel network under Rochester

Rochester is famous for many things – but most visibly for the modest sized castle in its town centre. Less visible, but of considerable fame to the subterranean community is the huge network of tunnels that runs almost from the

Pictures of the Digging of the Fleet Sewer

Another extract from my collection of the Illustrated London News of 1845 – this time a short item on the enlargement of the earlier sewer system running under Fleet Street. As subterranean structures are a long running passion of mine,

Sub-Brit Lecture at the Building Centre

Was back at the Building Centre in central London this morning for the final of their breakfast talks on subterranean London as part of their current exhibition. This morning’s talk was hosted by Andrew Smith from Subterranea Britannica (sub-brit), an