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Olympic Park’s Orbital legacy foundering

The twisted red mass of tubes next to the Olympic Stadium that was supposed to be a local landmark is proving to be more of a millstone for the Queen Elizabeth Park.

A look inside the 42-story Stratford skyscraper

The tallest tower in Stratford is either slightly late, or very late, depending on how you calculate it.

Funding secured for new entrance at Stratford tube station

A planned additional entrance to Stratford tube station next to the Jubilee line has secured additional funding from Newham council.

Tickets Alert: Tour of a 42-story building

Fancy a visit the sky garden at the top of a 42-storey private residential tower in Stratford’s Queen Elizabeth Park?

Stratford’s oldest building – the Old Dispensary

Just around the corner from the main shopping area in Stratford is an old building — the Old Dispensary, and it’s the oldest building in the town.

Giant black sphere coming to Stratford

An ominous giant sphere could be coming to Stratford, and despite its apocalyptic appearance, it’s actually a concert hall.

The Pigeons pub and hotel

Not a pub or hotel, and not for pigeons, but in Stratford is a grand old building that was once a pub and hotel for humans.

The Crockett’s Leathercloth Works War Memorial

A majestic lion lays bestride a war memorial in a post-war housing estate, a memory of those who worked nearby and died far away.

Have you met Robert the tank engine at Stratford?

When the mine closed in 1969, Robert said farewell to his friends and spent a happy retirement running up and down heritage railways. Pulling excited families along rural lines, it was a good retirement.

The parish marker of a Rotherhithe church – in Stratford

If you wander along that broad avenue of Tesco Value Dubai that is post-Olympics Stratford High Street, you might spy a relic from the deep past.

New entrance proposed for Stratford tube station

A new western side entrance to Stratford station has been approved, which will see easier access to the station from the side streets to the north of Stratford High Street.

A look around the Jubilee Line train depot at Stratford

In 1879, the Great Eastern Railway opened a new fruit and veg market at Stratford which gave its name to the local Stratford Market train station. Connected to the local railway, it had 12 sidings to service the market. In

How Green Was Our Olympic Park

When London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics was presented, part of the arguments would be centered on its eco-credentials. It would be a public transport based Olympics, energy would be renewable. Well, some of it would be. …and the Olympic

Photos of the (almost) deserted Olympic Park

A sight that the Olympics organisers hope to never see is an empty Olympic Park, but for me it was too good a chance to miss. I took a gamble which involved getting to a smaller gate on the opposite

A garish smorgasbord of 2012 memorabilia in John Lewis

One of the so-called “anchor tenants” within the gargantuan shopping centre next to the Olympic Park is John Lewis, and they have set aside part of their new department store as a 2012 shop and viewing area. Since it opened,

Photos – the new DLR Extension to Stratford International

A day later than I had originally expected, the DLR extension to Stratford International has finally opened to the general public.

The DLR extension is finally opening

Update 30th Aug 5:55am: Despite the TfL website showing trains running every few minutes as expected, the platforms at Canning Town are still sealed off and a DLR train attendant told me they are still testing the line. No idea

A tour of the Eurostar repair depot at Stratford

The other day I went to visit the train depot near Stratford where the Eurostar trains are repaired. Organised by the The Institution of Engineering and Technology, photography within the depot was forbidden, we were advised to bring a passport/driving