Strand - Latest news and reviews

London’s Alleys: Exchange Court, WC2

This is of the many little alleys that lead off from Strand as a legacy of the times the area was first developed.

Hotel plans for Strand office block by Charing Cross station

A fairly unremarkable 1980s office block that most people don't even notice save the branch of Boots on the ground floor could be demolished and replaced with a hotel.

London’s Alleys: George Court WC2

A short alley near Charing Cross that is today probably more famous for its sole commercial occupant, the Retro Pub.

London’s Alleys: Tweezers Alley, WC2

This is both a brand new road, and an ancient alley that can be traced back at least 800 years, and a ceremony that has taken place every year since then.

Westminster Council plans to pedestrianise part of Strand

Having only just cancelled plans to pedestrianize Oxford Street, Westminster Council has now announced plans to pedestrianize part of Strand instead.

London’s Alleys: York Place (formerly Of Alley), WC2

Welcome to York Place, for that's its modern name, yet it used to be curiously called Of Alley, and why is was so called is just as curious as the name itself.

London’s Alleys: Devereux Court, WC2

This is a passageway that wavers from wide open court to narrow rubbish filled alley, and is named after a traitor.

London’s Alleys: Bull Inn Court, WC2

This is the story of an alley called Bull Inn Court which is today most famous for containing a pub, which is not called the Bull Inn.

Of College Chapels and Steam Trains

Deep within the heart of King's College on the Strand can be found a most marvelous chapel and a dinky steam train.

London Alleys – Essex Street Steps

This is probably the grandest entrance that has ever been constructed to what is just a short set of steps between two roads.

London’s Alleys – Lumley Court

If you walk along the north side of The Strand you cannot help but notice a number of small alleys, some rather delightful, but this is Lumley Court, where you are exhorted to speak with hushed tones.

Twinings Tiny Treasure House of Tea

One of London's smallest museums can be found in one of its oldest and smallest retail outlets, and is devoted to that most English of pastimes, the cup of tea.

The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy

There is a rather nice looking old church just off The Strand in central London [map link] that I have often passed close to at weekends and wanted to pop in for a look around – but it is only

St Michael’s Church by Covent Garden

Lurking in a little nook on one of the many streets around the back of Covent Garden you may spy what looks like a church trying to squeeze its way out between more modern buildings. Here you may notice if