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Highlights from the Story of London

On Friday morning I decided to email the contacts at the Story of London events asking when the rather delayed website would be updated and admirably, got an email back that same afternoon saying it would go live sometime this

What did you think of the Story of London events

As I put my name on the mailing list for the recent Story of London month of events, I have just received an email asking me to fill in a survey asking what I thought of it all. Making an

Visiting the London Fire Brigade Museum

Earlier this afternoon, I wandered over to Southwark for a genuinely rare treat – a general open day at the London Fire Brigade Museum. By coincidence, just as I arrived, I spied Caroline of Caroline’s Miscellany coming out, so it

The Story of London

Next month (June) will be filled with a vast array of events all around the city focusing largely on the history of the city and the lives of people who have lived here. The website with all the events has