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Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair is up for sale

What do you do when a famous wheelchair is now sadly no longer occupied -- put it up for sale to raise money for charity.

Professor Stephen Hawking’s memorial service open to the public

If you want to attend the memorial service being held in Westminster Abbey next month to celebrate the life of Professor Stephen Hawking, then a public ballot opens today.

Tickets Alert: An evening with Professor Stephen Hawking

There will be a rare chance to attend a talk by Professor Stephen Hawking, and the talk will be free to attend.

Tickets for a public lecture by Professor Stephen Hawking

Later this month will be a fairly rare public lecture by Professor Stephen Hawking, at Imperial College London.

Does Stephen Hawking Dream of Electric Trains?

Short version: Yes he does as it happens. Longer version: As part of the media frenzy to launch his new book – which has previously included headline friendly comments about the existence of God – a cosmologist managed to fill