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A “steampunk” exhibition by a Victorian eccentric

An exhibition is opening soon showing off rediscovered and restored photographic work of one the 19th century's strangest characters, Samuel Heracles Gascoigne-Simpson.

London Tube Station Appears in Steampunk-Style Computer Game

Some sort of computer game is being released based in Victorian London that features some pretty stunning images of the city, and the London Underground stations.

World’s largest Steampunk exhibition visits London

What is said to be the largest exhibition of Steampunk art, craft and engineering in the world has come to London for the next few months and goes on display surrounded by real Victorian steam engineering at the Kew Bridge

Steampunk at a Particle Accelerator

Readers may be familiar with the Steampunk genre, a fusion of history and science as people re-imagine how a modern world could look if Victorian engineering – specifically steam power – was still in use today. As a bit of