Steam Train - Latest news, articles and photos

Steam Train - Latest news, articles and photos

Awesome Rubber-Band Powered Steam Train

What’s this — a wooden steam locomotive powered by a rubber band? As the saying goes.. Just Take My Money!

Catch a steam train from London to Paris

If you look out for it, on Friday 9th October, a steam train will leave London Victoria station, and its passengers will arrive in the evening, in Paris.

Steam trains and afternoon tea on the London Underground

Combine steam train travel and tea and cake on the Metropolitan line for a late summer treat.

Computer generated steam train arrives at the Science Museum

A computer generated 3D film about the record breaking, and still record holding, Mallard steam locomotive has arrived at the Science Museum.

Model Steam Train at the SouthBank

Running along the riverside at the moment just outside the SouthBank Centre can be found a model steam railway.

Steam Railmotors return to West London

This weekend, a very unusual type of steam train made a rare visit to London, a steam train without a locomotive.

Trips in a rare steam train along a rarely used railway line

Imagine a steam train without a locomotive — one where there is seemingly no form of propulsion save the tell tale hint of a wisp of steam from the roof.

Steam trains return to the London Underground this weekend

This weekend, steam trains return to central London and will run through London Underground tunnels once more.

Tickets on sale today for steam train trips in the London Underground

A chance to ride in a steam train along parts of the London Underground network go on sale later this morning.

Steam trains to return to the London Underground

A short note that there will be more steam trains on the London Underground later this year.

Steam Trains Return to the London Underground

An early Christmas treat — as on Sunday 8th December, for the first time since 1992 and possibly the last time ever, London Transport Museum will be running steam trains to Uxbridge along the Metropolitan line.

Steam trains to run along part of the Central Line in June

Tickets for another of the London Underground’s 150th anniversary events have just gone on sale, and include some pretty decent prices for trips in a luxuriously restored Victorian steam carriage.

London Underground to run a Steam Train again in May

There are some chanced to take trips on a vintage tube train and a steam train next month, and tickets go on sale today for trips on a steam train.

Take a ride on one of London’s Miniature Steam Trains

We al love a steam train, and while the big beasts make occasional weekend trips though the city, there are a surprisingly large number of miniature steam trains chugging around parts of the city as well.

Steam trains return to the London Underground after a 50 year absence

Yesterday, for the first time in over 50 years, passengers were hauled by the raw undiluted force of coal and water once again.

Best places to photograph London Underground’s heritage steam train trips

This coming Sunday, London Underground will send a steam train along the original Metropolitan Line and parts of the District Line – so I wandered out to check where the best places will be to watch it.

Look out for four steam trains in London this Saturday

This weekend is a good one for fans of steam trains, as there are four locomotives visiting London on Saturday – with one making a fairly rare visit to East London.

Tickets for the Underground’s 150th anniversary steam trips

Last year, I wrote that London Underground were planning to run a steam train along the underground network as part of its 150th anniversary. Turns out I was right about the plans, if not entirely correct about the route. Well,