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Famously, the French writer, Guy de Maupassant so loathed the Eiffel Tower that on visits to Paris, he would always eat lunch in its restaurant, as it was the only way he could “avoid seeing its otherwise unavoidable profile”. Frankly,

Free entry to St Paul’s Cathedral this Saturday

Although free to go in for worshippers, those who are more interested in the architecture than the function of St Paul’s Cathedral have to pay to get inside its stony walls. A full £12.50 per adult no less. This Saturday

A flaccid grey blancmange arrives on London’s Cheapside

The upper end of London’s Cheapside used to contain a rather generic looking 1960s office block of no outstanding architectural detail, but equally not excessively offensive to the eye. This was slowly demolished a few years ago, leaving open a

Military Aircraft Flying over London on Tuesday

If you are in central London on Tuesday lunchtime, then LOOK TO THE SKIES! As part of the events to remember the Battle of Britain, a service is being held in St Paul’s Cathedral, which will be followed by a

St George’s Day Pageant in London

This lunchtime, an ancient pageant to celebrate St George’s Day was renewed as St George was paraded on horseback through the streets of London, coming to a rest for a short while outside the front of St Paul’s Cathedral. This