St Pauls Cathedral - Latest news, articles and photos

Shepherd and Sheep in Paternoster Square

In Paternoster Square is a sculpture of a shepherd and sheep, also called Paternoster – the sculpture that is, not the sheep. They are unnamed.

Another public roof garden planned near St Paul’s Cathedral

Plans to revamp an existing office block next to St Paul’s tube station could see a large roof garden open to the public added to the top.

Tickets Alert: The Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral

An annual tradition is being continued this Christmas, with a powerful performance of Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral.

See St Paul’s Cathedral lit up this weekend

This weekend, a huge video projection will be beamed onto the frontage of St Paul’s Cathedral, and some photos of the overnight tests have been released.

Tickets Alert: Evening openings at St Paul’s Cathedral

Over four nights in August, it will be possible to go into the mighty stone edifice and see it in the twilight hours.

The three smallest monuments in St Paul’s Cathedral

A Cathedral packed with monuments, here are the three smallest – military brasses, Solomons temple… and a piece of King Herod’s 2nd Jerusalem Temple, maybe.

The year St Paul’s Cathedral nearly lost its dome

It’s Christmas Eve 1924 and while people are preparing for the festivities, the City of London is busy preparing an urgent notice – they plan to close St Paul’s Cathedral.

London’s Alleys: Panyer Alley, EC2

An alley that can be traced all the way back to Tudor London, with a famously enigmatic stone plaque on one wall.

St Paul’s Cathedral drops photography ban

St Paul’s Cathedral has decided to allow photography within the building, overturning a ban that was often surreptitiously ignored anyway.

London’s Alleys: St Paul’s Alley, EC4

This is London’s shortest alley, and also one that you can’t actually walk down any more as modern gates replicate a medieval barrier.

Tickets Alert: Handel’s Messiah at St Paul’s Cathedral

An annual tradition is being continued this Christmas, with an uplifting rendition of Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral.

Late openings at St Paul’s Cathedral in the Summer

Ordinarily, visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral during the day are not supposed to take photos, but for five evenings, the Cathedral is opening its doors to photographers.

St Paul’s Cathedral loses its bells

Earlier this week, the bells of St Pauls’ were removed from the Cathedral, and sent back to their makers for repairs.

London Public Art: The Paternoster Vents

These massive stainless steel sculptural artworks near St Paul’s Cathedral are both art and function – for they are also ventilation shafts for an electricity substation in the basement underneath.

London’s Pocket Parks – Garden West of 25 Cannon Street, EC4

A rather fine pocket park in the City of London that is not managed by the City of London. And unlike other parks, it doesn’t have a name.

The silence of the bells at St Paul’s Cathedral

The bells of St Paul’s Cathedral are to be removed later this month for restoration work, meaning that the Cathedral’s celebratory bells will fall silent until late next year.

The decayingly ornate YHA behind St Paul’s Cathredal

Hidden away from tourists on a side street, what is the former St Paul’s Cathedral choir school makes for a most unusual Youth Hostel today.

London’s Alleys – Wardrobe Place, EC4

A delightful little courtyard can be found hidden away in the small maze of streets just to the south side of St Paul’s Cathedral.