St Pancras - Latest news, articles and photos

St Pancras - Latest news, articles and photos

Hornby has a model railway at St Pancras Station

There’s a small model railway currently running around in a loop at St Pancras Station.

Express train service linking London to Luton Airport

A new rail service is being planned offering faster connections between London and Luton Airport, and an alternative to the current Thameslink service.

Arty dog kennels on display at St Pancras station

One of the “get celebrities to paint things then sell them for charity” displays has arrived at St Pancras Station for a few weeks.

Exhibition marks 150 years of St Pancras (International) Station

This coming October will mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of St Pancras station, and its modern incarnation is holding a mini-exhibition to mark the anniversary.

See the Paradigm outside St Pancras station

Head out of St Pancras station by the Thameslink exit, and facing you will be a monumental tower of weathered steel — this is Paradigm by Conrad Shawcross.

150th anniversary of St Pancras Station

This month marks the 149th anniversary of the opening of St Pancras Station, and it also marks the start of a year of celebrations to mark its 150th birthday.

Take a tour inside a drained canal lock

Over this weekend, there’s a chance to go down to the bottom of one of London’s canal locks, while it is being drained for maintenance works.

A spinning blade of polished steel in St Pancras

At the moment, if you go to the upper floors at St Pancras Station, there’s a massive steel twisted blade spinning overhead.

Inside St Pancras Chambers

A decade ago, work started on refurbishing one of London’s more famous derelict buildings, and a few years ago, it opened as a posh hotel.

See the Chromolocomotion within St Pancras Station

Within St Pancras Station, where once hung 5 Olympic rings, now hangs a giant game of Tetris.

A curiosity about the local area maps at St Pancras Station

Just a bit of random weirdness that you sometimes notice when stuck on a platform for 20 minutes waiting for a delayed train.

A bronze frieze of London’s Underground commuters

There is in St Pancras a monumental sculpture by Paul Day, called The Meeting Place, which is intended to evoke the romance of travel through the depiction of a couple locked in an amorous embrace

A look around St Pancras Old Church

Behind St Pancras station sits an old church. It only became an old church when a new church was built nearby, and while considered to be very old, it is actually fairly new, but on the site that is quite old, but probably not as old as some people claim.

When a couple of Harrier Jump Jets landed behind St Pancras Station

In May 1969, the rear of St Pancras railway station saw a most unusual sight, as it became very temporarily an airport. In 1969, the Daily Mail inaugurated the Trans-Atlantic Air Race, which pitted teams on both sides of the

Public Exhibition about the Kings Cross redevelopment

Recent visitors to Kings Cross station may have been drawn to a wooden scale model of the redevelopment works being carried out, especially the plans to remove the hideous old green ticket hall and create a new plaza outside the

Visiting an archological dig behind the British Library

Behind the brick edifice of the British Library is a large plot of still derelict land which will shortly be turned over to builders for the construction of a medical research centre (with public areas!) but as usual with any

Goodbye Kings Cross Thameslink…

…hello to the new St Pancras International replacement.