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London’s Alleys: Cockpit Steps, SW1

Named after an inn and a dark period of history, this rather posh passage and charming steps can be found just around the corner from Parliament.

London’s Alleys: Crown Passage, SW1

A picturesque alley that's lined with ancient shops and inns, and within staggering distance of royal palaces and posh clubs.

London’s Alleys – Blue Ball Yard, SW1

There are two entrances to this posh alley in St James, one for carriages, and one for pedestrians. The pedestrians get the better deal, with a reasonably grand entrance porch, and some of London's last remaining gas lamps.

See Mayfair’s little noticed Lutyens Sculpture

On a side street in posh Mayfair is a work of art in remembrance of an architect who is a significant figure in the architecture of Imperial New Delhi.

London’s Alleys – Pickering Place, SW1

This is one of London's oldest and more famous alleys, with a foreign embassy, the occasional duel, brothels, famous authors and gambling all packed into a tiny space.

Visiting The Conservative Club in St James

The exterior may look suitably anonymous to the average passer-by, but inside number 74 St James lurks not only an impressive interior, but also hosts an important aspect of the history of the modern Tory Party. The building was the