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Blocking spambots on WordPress blogs

Any website that allows people to make comments on it will suffer a problem with junk messages being posted by spammers seeking to promote their various snakeoils and potions.

How NOT to improve your website ranking in search engines

I wasn’t going to write this blog post, as I didn’t really expect a reply from the miscreant in question, but they did reply and their response was really quite annoying. Like most blog owners, and any website that allows

Spam and chips

When you write a blog, you invite with trepidation the comments of your readers and peers who lay waste to what you have written. In addition to the legitimate comments, you will also receive a somewhat larger number of comments

How to win friends and influence people

As one of my hobbies is reading the Early Day Motions in the House of Commons (yes, I am that sad), some of which are serious and some can be quite amusing – I came across this one which was

Dishwasher Spam

A while back I mused on whether there is a standard size for dishwasher tablets – and was rudely reminded of that posting when I got a spam email from China asking if I want to import dishwasher tablets from