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Waterloo tube station reopens its Southbank entrance

Rather later than planned, the Southbank entrance to Waterloo tube station finally reopened to the public over the weekend.

See the remnants of an old wooden road at Waterloo

The streets of London were once paved with wood, and in a few places, echoes of that little-known period of road history can be seen - such as at Waterloo.

A history of the South Bank Lion

Standing proud above the tourists on Westminster Bridge is a statue of a noble lion who gave hope to London during WW2 and was saved by a King.

For one day only – 50p tickets to the Hayward Gallery

This Wednesday, to mark its 50th anniversary, entry to the Southbank's Hayward Gallery will cost just 50p - instead of the more usual £14.50 they charge to go in.

Concrete Dreams at the Southbank Centre

To mark its reopening following refurbishment works, the brutalist heart of the Southbank has thrown open its backstage to the public for an artistic minded tour.

The Festival of Britain’s Message to the Moon

There are a good many photos of the Festival of Britain, but curiously, few show one of its more exciting, if flawed ideas -- a radio telescope beaming messages to the moon from the centre of London.

A nostalgic look at the “office of the future” – 1960s style

A series of films by the Rank Organisation presents a glossy exciting look at modern life, in this case, the Shell Centre in London -- the office of the future.

Private fast lane for fast walking pedestrians at Waterloo

Part of a busy pedestrian route near Waterloo station is about to be partially sealed off -- for a PR stunt.

Unbuilt London: A giant glass wave over the South Bank

When culture seekers walk along the south bank admiring the views and skateboards, they should do so under a giant glass and steel canopy weaving its way along the Thames.

Model Steam Train at the SouthBank

Running along the riverside at the moment just outside the SouthBank Centre can be found a model steam railway.

There is a Big Red Shed on the SouthBank

If you have passed by the Southbank recently or crossed over Waterloo Bridge in a red bus, you might have struggled to avoid seeing a big red shed that has appeared next to the National Theatre.

A trip in a very special vintage double-decker bus

Sometimes when you plan a visit to an exhibition, you get rather more than you expected. Today was such a moment, as a visit to a small – and frankly, not worth the effort – exhibition about past and future

Turning the deep level air-raid shelters into cheap hotels

60 years ago, the Festival of Britain opened, largely at the South Bank in London, but it was actually a nationwide festival with events all across the country. However, London was the focus, and the city was barely recovering from

The Watchmen PR Failure

Last night, I wandered along to the South Bank to see what was being touted as a fairly major PR stunt for the forthcoming Watchmen movie. The event was billed as: “Dr Manhattan, the blue skinned, super-powered being beloved of

How to get tickets to watch Have I Got News for You

Update: The procedure has changed since the below was written. Click on the link for the latest details of how to request tickets to see Have I Got News for You being recorded Regular readers will know that I am