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Winter lights festival coming to the South Bank

While the SouthBank Centre remains closed, they are putting on some outdoor events, and this year that will include a winter lights festival.

Hayward Gallery reopens in August with deals for NHS and locals

The Southbank Centre’s Hayward Gallery has announced that it will reopen from this Saturday (1st August), with discounts for NHS workers and local residents.

Southbank Centre could be mothballed without urgent funding

The Southbank Centre is warning that it may not be able to reopen, unless it is able to either secure a rescue package or find a way of providing concerts with larger audiences.

Tickets Alert: The XKCD author is visiting London

If you’re the sort of person who reads this blog, then the thought of the XKCD author, Randall Munroe coming to London probably made you let out a little squeak of excitement.

A Southbank exhibition of drag artists

An exhibition of photos of drag artists may cause you to expect lots of men in voluminous quantities of make up and attitude, but this is rather more nuanced.

Tickets Alert – 2001: A Space Odyssey with live music

There are few films that can be genuinely said to be worthy of both a big screen and an Orchestra and choir to provide live music.

A cascade of Sami chevrons in the Southbank Centre

A thousand woven chevrons hang over the heads of visitors to the SouthBank Centre at the moment, adding droplets of colour the ceilings above.

Unbuilt London: A giant glass wave over the South Bank

When culture seekers walk along the south bank admiring the views and skateboards, they should do so under a giant glass and steel canopy weaving its way along the Thames.

Museum Meals – The Southbank Centre

At the moment, the Southbank Center has a semi-permanent display about the history of the 1951 Festival of Britain, which sort of makes at least one small corner of the estate, a museum for my purposes.

Praise for the new SouthBank Centre Website

Readers with very good memories may recall that just over a year ago, I wrote a polemic about how the SouthBank Centre’s website had redesigned its listings page in a way that made them essentially useless.

The Southbank Centre’s new events listings page – a rant

Whenever a website is redesigned I am apprehensive, hoping for lots of good things, but dreading that something useful might be removed.

Wastescape at the SouthBank Centre

Nestled into a dark corner of the pathway maze that is the SouthBank Centre is a concrete cave with white plastic stalactites and stalagmites growing around the walkway and up the stairs. This is Wastescape – an art installation that

A new type of tube train is shown off at the South Bank

If you were heading down into a certain tube station recently via the escalator, you might have been slightly alarmed to see this advancing back up towards you. No, not a new type of tube train designed to deposit passengers