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London’s Alleys: Rupert Court, W1

This is a narrow alley in Soho with a famous pub at one end, and — if you know the significance — a famous pizza outlet at the other.

Campaign to pedestrianise Soho for the summer months

A large chunk of Soho could be pedestrianised this summer to help local cafes and restaurants spread out their tables and attract back customers.

London’s last surviving Catholic Embassy Chapel of Penal Times

Located on a side street near Soho can be found a modest looking building with a history seeped in riot, anti-catholic executions, and war.

Proposals for Post-Crossrail development at TCR

A brief comment has been released on part of the redevelopment proposals for the land which will be cleared as a result of the Crossrail developments at Tottenham Court Road tube station. As the buildings on the corner will be