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Photos from Smithfield’s annual Christmas Eve auction

Another year and Smithfield's famous Christmas Eve meat and turkey auction gets bigger and better.

City of London buys an old power station as a site for its food markets

The City of London has bought a huge plot of land next to Dagenham Dock, in a preemptive strike to stop other bidders getting their hands on the land.

London’s Alleys: Bartholomew Place, EC1

This little courtyard set back from the street has an obscure history, but is thought to have a late medieval origin.

Smithfield’s Christmas Eve meat auction returns for 2018

Good news for meat lovers and lovers of a meaty bargain as the exceptionally good fun Christmas Eve auction will return to Smithfield this year.

Museum of London raises £15 million for new building

The Museum of London has secured an additional £15 million towards the £70 million it needs to raise to fund its new museum building in Smithfield.

Smithfield’s famous Christmas Eve auction is back

The annual tradition is back, with lots of money waving, turkeys flying and meat parading in an excitingly good natured morning of protein rich delights.

Faded memories of art on concrete blocks

Five years ago, a German street artist paid an overnight visit to Smithfield meat market and left behind a cluster of art, which is still there slowly decaying over time.

Photos: Smithfield’s Xmas Eve Auction

Continuing the long tradition of selling off the surplus meats, Harts of Smithfield held their annual auction this morning.

Photos from Smithfield’s annual xmas eve auction

Another annual auction at Harts of Smithfield, keeping alive the old tradition in pre-refrigeration days of having to sell off the last of the stock on Christmas Eve as it couldn't be stored over the holidays.

At Smithfield Meat Market’s annual Christmas Eve auction

Another year and another franticly good natured auction on the pavement -- and spilling onto the road -- outside the historic Smithfield's Meat Market, but also sadly the last time it will take place here.