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Tickets Alert: Fires, bells and spinning wheels

Tickets for three art installations for the Greenwich+Docklands International Festival are released at lunchtime today.

Three large London housing sites get funding

Three large housing developments aligned with transport upgrades have been given loans worth £309 million from the government’s housing agency, Homes England

Construction starts on London’s longest river pier

Building work has started on what will be the longest pier on the River Thames within London, and which will include a public viewing platform.

The DLR is getting a new station and more trains

A little noticed sentence in the Budget has announced that the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is to get a new station and 14 additional trains.

A mile long artwork commissioned for Crossrail

A length of concrete wall running alongside the future Elizabeth line tracks in East London is to be covered in a mile-long work of art.

Five new river crossings announced by the Mayor

The Mayor of London has outlined aspirations for a number of new river crossings in East London, which is a bit of a north-south barrier at the moment as far as transport is concerned.

Silvertown’s derelict Tate Institute

Down in Silvertown opposite the mighty Tate & Lyle sugar factories sits a rather forlorn looking building. Run down and neglected, it has the appearance of a large pub, or maybe an old music hall.

More photos from inside the Connaught Tunnel

Last week I had a chance to go back into the Connaught Tunnel – the Victorian railway tunnel that runs underneath two of London’s docks and will be part of the future Crossrail service. As you may recall from my

The memorial to London’s largest ever explosion

At precisely 6:52 in the evening on the 19th January, 1917, one of the largest explosions in the UK took place – in Silvertown, East London. The explosion killed 73 people, injured 328 more and left around 600 people with

Tate and Lyle’s staff park in Silvertown

While Mr Tate of Tate and Lyle is famous for giving a gallery to the country, rather less known is the generosity of the other half of the company – which is manifest in a public park donated by Sir