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Dan Cruickshank on the changes in Spitalfields

Back to the Bishopsgate Institute yesterday afternoon for the highlight of the events to mark the restoration of their Great Hall, a talk by the softly spoken mutterer of gollies and goshes, Dan Cruickshank. Although he then didn’t say golly

Disused tube station for sale

If you follow my Twitter account, last night you might have seen a link I posted there which caused considerable excitement, for London Underground is selling a disused tube station. Sadly, not an iconic deep level structure, but the former

A torch lit tour of a Church crypt

A rather forlorn looking Palladian style church sits in a suitably windswept corner of a road junction in Shoreditch. Despite its somewhat tired appearance, this is one of the more important locations for the history of Christianity in England. Depending

Homeless people offering guided tours of London

I saw this on another website and thought it looked interesting. As part of a Festival Fringe event, there will be a series of guided tours around London Bridge and Shoreditch, looking at the city from a rather unusual perspective