Severndroog Castle - Latest news and reviews

Climb to the top of Severndroog Castle

In 1755, a naval battle took place off the coast of India that resulted in a castle being built in South London. And now you can go to the top for impressive views across London.

South London’s Severndroog Castle to reopen to the public

After decades of closure, South London's very own castle is to be opened to the public again.

Of a Wood, a Castle and a Common

No long rambling thoughts, just a long ramble through South London to stop me sitting at the computer and doing the work I should be doing. Herewith – some photos: Greenwich foot tunnel – photos of which are officially not

London Open House – Day 1

The morning of my favourite weekend started well – with a quick trip up the tower at St Anne’s in Wardour Street. There is a rather fine clock up there, and on a landing half way up, a rather earnest