Selfridges - Latest news and reviews

Crossrail artists takeover Selfridges shop windows

As part of a larger scale art programme, a number of Selfridges windows have been given over to artists working on the Crossrail project.

London Underground collectables come to Selfridges

Selfridges have started selling a range of London Underground themed items that are officially licensed from TfL.

Selfridges Flipside explores the age of luxury

A derelict hotel in the centre of London has become a venue for an art exhibition that explores the nature of luxury consumption and the future of society.

A multi-sensory exhibition — might be good

An empty hotel with raw concrete spaces is to become the venue for a new "multisensory exhibition" that just about sounds intriguing enough to visit.

Bond Street tube station’s private tunnel to Selfridges

A private tunnel linking Bond Street tube station to Selfridges, letting shoppers having a direct route underneath Oxford Street to the department store.

A new tunnel to be dug in central London

London is about to get a new tunnel. Only a small one, and privately owned, but it'll be in constant use by hundreds of people everyday.

Unbuilt London: Monumental buildings that never were

Last night I wandered along to the V&A for one of their Friday night events, mainly for a couple of exhibitions on "vanishing London" and "Buildings that were never built".