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Play with the Science Museum’s new random science image generator

The Science Museum has added a little playful twist to their image archive with a random image generator.

New exhibition looks into the death of the Russian Royal Family

Probably one of the most famous royal deaths in history, and still a mystery, the Science Museum is putting on an exhibition about the execution of the Romanov Royal Family.

Planet Mercury space probe comes to London

The Science Museum has shown off a full-size engineering model of BepiColombo, the European Space Agency’s first ever spacecraft to explore Mercury, and one of the most challenging planetary missions ever launched.

It’s Alive! Frankenstein festival fills the Science Museum

A week of events to mark the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, including a screening of Terminator 2 on an IMAX sized cinema screen.

Tickets Alert: Vintage computer games return to the Science Museum

They’ve obviously decided that it’s popular, as the Science Museum is again giving over an entire hall to computer games.

Drink bad beer and eat cockroaches – at the Science Museum

The Science Museum is offering you a chance to end Dry January with a flourish, with tastings of bad beers and insects for snacks.

New exhibition celebrates Britain’s cold-war rocket project

Conceived before NASA, before Sputnik, Britain was leading the space race with the development of the world’s longest running, yet oddly little known, space rocket programme.

Tickets Alert: Vintage computer games return to the Science Museum

Last year, a vast room was filled with digital explosions and 8-bit graphics to the delight of many, and it’s returning again next month.

The shattered bodies of war at the Science Museum

An exhibition at the Science Museum looks at what happens when diplomacy fails, and war shatters people, in body and mind.

Well, Well, Well, looks what’s at the Science Museum

Today marks the unveiling of two remarkable clocks at the Science Museum.

See a 3D model of Bond Street tube station

As an example of how TfL uses data analysis to plan future tube station upgrades, a 3D scale model of Bond Street tube station has been loaned to the Science Museum.

Stephenson’s Rocket is to return to the North

The Science Museum has announced that it is to send Stephenson’s Rocket to the Great Exhibition of the North 2018.

The Rise of the Robots at the Science Museum

A display of mechanical marvels opens at the Science Museum and leaves the viewer with mixed emotions about the blurring boundary between man and machine.

Magically Marvelous Mechanical Maths

As the world miniaturises and computerises, the Science Museum has opened a new gallery that delights in the massive mechanics of mathematics.

Tim Peake’s Soyuz spacecraft to go on display in London

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft used by Tim Peake in his mission to the International Space Station is to go on display in London following its acquisition by the Science Museum.

The Silver Swan automaton flies south to London

For nearly 250 years, the silver swan has astonished audiences, and next year it will come to London for the first time in over 150 years.

Science Museum’s Wonderlab opens to protests about costs

It takes some effort for a science museum to open an exhibition about science and technology that upsets scientists, but London’s Science Museum has managed it.

Tickets Alert: TEDx Talks Come to London

Tickets to attend a TEDxLondon talk are about to be released, where speakers from across science, technology, education and the arts will explore the end of ageing at the Science Museum.