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Tickets Alert: Tours of a Royal Navy ship

This coming Saturday will give you a chance to go on board a Royal Navy ship moored in Docklands for a look around.

My scariest ever church tower climb

There’s a very significant church in docklands that allowed people to climb up to see the clock mechanism at the weekend. The scariest church tower climb I have ever done.

Tours of a Royal Navy Frigate Announced

Next Saturday, there will be a chance to wander around HMS St Albans which will be in Docklands on a visit.

Tours of a Royal Navy minesweeper

HMS Middleton, one of the Royal Navy’s Hunt Class Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV) will be in London next weekend, and the ship will be open for public tours.

Book tickets for free tours of a Royal Navy destroyer

One of the UK’s newest Destroyers is coming to Greenwich later this month, and they are letting people on for tours.

Free tours of a Royal Navy frigate

HMS Westminster, a Duke-class frigate is in London at the moment, based in Docklands, and this Saturday, the general public will be able to go on board for a look around.

Free Tours of the Royal Navy flagship at Greenwich

Next weekend, the flagship of the Royal Navy –the huge HMS Bulwark will be in London for a few days — and there will be a chance for the public to go on board.

Fantasy Architecture — An Aircraft Carrier for London?

Pssst, want a second-hand aircraft carrier? Got one going cheap, only a few million miles on the clock. Go on, would look lovely next to the mantelpiece.

Public Tours of HMS Illustrious Next Weekend

Next week marks a significant military anniversary, and lots of military things will be happening along the Thames as a result. And details have finally been confirmed — including public tours of HMS Illustrious.

More tours of HMS Ocean announced

If you missed out on the chance to visit the Royal Navy’s largest warship, currently doing Olympian security duties in Greenwich, then it has been announced that it will be open to the public again during the August Bank Holiday.

Free tours of a Royal Navy Warship on Sunday

HMS Ocean will be arriving in London this evening — an event I expect to photograph, of course — and will be based at Greenwich for the Olympics as part of the ongoing militarisation of sporting events. However, the general

Attending the Ceremony of the Constable’s Dues

The Ceremony of the Constable’s Dues is one of those ancient traditions that the UK is so damn good at, can be indirectly traced back at least 700 years, and is related to the Crown’s authority over the City of