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About the Royal London Hospital Museum

The museum covers the history of the hospital since its foundation in 1740 and the wider history of medicine in the East End.

It includes works of art, surgical instruments, medical and nursing equipment, uniforms, medals, documents and books.

There is a forensic medicine section which includes original material on Jack the Ripper, Dr Crippen and the Christie murders. There are also displays on Joseph Merrick (the 'Elephant Man') and former Hospital nurse Edith Cavell.

The museum is located in the crypt of a 19th-century church behind the hospital.

IMPORTANT - Although venues are reopening, their hours may differ from normal, and most now need prebooking before you visit.


Royal London Hospital Museum,
Newark Street,
E1 2AA

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Fequently asked questions

What's the nearest railway station to Royal London Hospital Museum

The nearest station is Whitechapel which is 0.2 miles away.

Royal London Hospital Museum - Latest News

Statue of Queen Alexandra in Whitechapel
Statue of Queen Alexandra in Whitechapel

A rather grand bronze statue can be found stranded and surrounded by modern buildings in Whitechapel.

See inside the derelict Royal London Hospital
See inside the derelict Royal London Hospital

One of East London’s earliest hospitals is currently being gutted, and there’s been a chance to see inside as they work to turn it into Tower Hamlet’s new Town Hall.

The tale of the “Dead Body Train” at Whitechapel
The tale of the “Dead Body Train” at Whitechapel

There is a tale that is often repeated late at night in spooky surroundings that there was once a Dead Body Train that ran through a special tunnel and collected the dead from the Royal London Hospital and took them

The Museum at the Royal London Hospital

For medical reasons, I am required to visit a hospital for prodding and poking every few months, and the clinic I visit was recently moved from Barts in the City to the Royal London Hospital in the distinctly non-regal Whitechapel.

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