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An exhibition about breathing

Taking a breath, something we do without thinking, until we think about it then we wonder how we can stop thinking about breathing and maybe panic about what would happen if we stopped breathing.

Exhibition goes under the skin to reveal the secrets of the human body

For a few weeks, there's an exhibition about what lies beneath the skin of the average human being.

Exhibition celebrates the discovery of blood circulation

Just under 400 years ago, a British physician was to overturn 1,500 years of thinking about how the human body worked, with considerable opposition from the venue now hosting an exhibition about him. William Harvey was a very well connected

There’s a Quincunx for Sir Thomas Browne at the RCP

That modernist block by Regents Park that houses the medical professionals of the Royal College of Physicians has been given over to alchemy, astrology and witchcraft.

17th century medical cures to mark the Great Fire of London

Foot of a cat, fat from a pig, an old onion, some fresh eggs, hen's droppings and horse dung - not a Scottish play potion, but the poultices offered to treat the burns of the Great Fire of London.

The lost library of the Tudor Magician Dr John Dee

One of Tudor England's most extraordinary and enigmatic figures is the topic of this exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians.

Exhibition about the Occultist Dr John Dee opening soon

Mathematician, magician, astronomer, astrologer, explorer, occultist, imperialist, alchemist and spy, John Dee continues to fascinate centuries after he first stepped foot in the court of Elizabeth I.