Roman London - Latest news, articles and photos

Roman London - Latest news, articles and photos

New revelations about the “Spitalfields Roman woman”

A 30-year project to uncover the secrets buried beneath Spitalfields has finally come to a conclusion with new revelations about a Roman burial.

London’s Alleys: Laurence Pountney Hill, EC4

This is a side alley that includes an old church, a Roman palace, and enough stucco carving to fill a small mansion house.

Why the Old Bailey is called the Old Bailey

The grand building that houses the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales is often called the Old Bailey. But why?

Map of London’s buried archaeology

Another of those maps that will soak up a few hours randomly zooming around – a map of prehistoric to medieval archaeology under London.

Rare inscribed Roman stylus found in London goes on display

Found under the streets of London, a unique Roman stylus, with the most elaborate and expressive inscription of its kind has gone on display.

You can now stand inside Trajan’s Column

Ever since it was built in 1873, there’s been a tantalizing door inside the V&A Museum that normally locked, and only very occasionally opened — but now is open all the time.

Tickets Alert: Tours of Billingsgate Roman House and Baths

Hidden underneath a mundane office block can be found one of London’s largest Roman remains, and it’s open for tours from next month.

Tomb of a Roman girl at The Gherkin

Just behind the Gherkin skyscraper lies a modern grave, of a Roman girl who was reburied on the site just a decade ago.

The tube station with a piece of Roman Wall in it

There’s a station on the London Underground that if you look carefully enough, you might spy a chunk of ancient Roman Wall peeking out.

Museums by appointment: The London Roman Wall and Bastion

In a basement underneath Merrill Lynch’s London office can be found an exceptionally well-preserved section of Roman Wall, and a Medieval Bastion, and they’re both free to visit.

The death of Romans reveals the multicultural origins of London

An exceptionally rare stone sarcophagus, discovered in Southwark just last year is the centerpiece to this new major exhibition about the dead of Roman London.

Tours of a Roman bathhouse resume this weekend

Deep under a 1960s office block can be found one of London’s largest Roman ruins, and tours will resume this weekend.

Public access to the medieval ruins of St Alphege church

The ruined church was a victim of post-war planning, to build wide roads and move pedestrians away from the streets, but in doing do, the new roads and highwalks isolated the ruined church from public access.

Southwark’s Roman sarcophagus to go on display

Last year, a rare discovery was made in Southwark, of a Roman sarcophagus — and later this year it is to go on public display as part of a new exhibition.

Free Book – A short history of Roman London

To mark the recent opening of the London Mithraeum, a new book has been published offering a short, but quite comprehensive history of Roman London.

Roman revels to celebrate opening of the Mithraeum Museum

To celebrate the opening of the new Mithraeum Museum in the City of London, a range of Roman themed events is taking place throughout the late summer months.

Gladiators return to London’s Roman amphitheatre

Later this summer, sweat and blood, groans and cheers, broken bones and damaged egos will return to the roman amphitheater in the City of London.

The lost “Roman Camp” underneath Heathrow’s runway

Underneath one of Heathrow Airport’s runways, the remains of a so-called Early Iron Age, British dwelling, known figuratively, if inaccurately as Caesar’s Camp.