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Tube strike announced for Central and Victoria lines

The rail union the RMT has announced that its members on two London Underground lines will be on strike at the end of the month.

London Underground staff to be balloted for strike over pay

Members of the RMT union are to be balloted for possible strike action over pay, in a move that could see as many as 10,000 staff go on strike.

Red vests for London Underground staff

London Underground staff are being issued with new red vests to be worn in stations from next week, so that they are more visible to passengers.

Le Morte d’Bob Crow

The sudden and totally unexpected death of a major and highly controversial figure is always a shock and a moment for reflection on the impact of their passing.

Bob Crow on Have I Got News for You

The BBC’s Have I Got News for You is one of those television shows, which largely thanks to its rotating guests and the topicality of the news is a programme that has many highs, and some lows. Quite often the

The RMT – Comic by nature, Comic Sans by letter?

A copy of an (allegedly) genuine letter from the RMT union to its more sensible counterpart at Aslef made me do a double-take. Not for the weird polemic written which I read later, but for the instant question as to