River Thames - Latest news and reviews

Exhibition about the Thames Cable Car opens at the Building Centre

After a few months of occasional prodding the river bed looking for unexploded German bombs, earlier this week construction formally started on the Cable Car that will stretch across the river by the O2/Millennium Dome/White Elephant (delete as appropriate). Coincidentally,

London’s River Park

London is – depending on the whim of the planners and chequebooks – about to get a new park, a long sinuous length of pedestrian walkway floating on the Thames that will contain a few pavilions, a swimming pool and

The Thames at the London Transport Museum

The Transport Museum in Covent Garden may conjure up images of old trams, buses and tube trains, but probably not the River Thames, even though it had been the main transport artery through London for most of the City’s life.

Photos – Two military hovercraft on the Thames

A dull rumbling sound getting slowly louder is usually a hint that I should get up and look out of the window to see if anything interesting is coming along the river. Usually it’s just a tourist boat being unusually

Photos – Reflections in the River Thames

Here is a photo of a comparatively rare sight for the River Thames – can you see what is unusual?

Sinister black speedboat action

I often see the police boat going past the flat – occasionally at full speed with lights flashing – but also sometimes I also see a couple of sinister black inflatable boats racing up and down the river. This morning,

Men in ropes on the Millennium Bridge

Something to keep an eye out for: On or about 18 October 2010, for a period of about one week, contractors working on behalf of the City of London will carry out a structural inspection of the Millennium Footbridge by

Cruise Liners Visiting London in 2010

Each summer, a series of luxury liners visit London, and while the city doesn’t have a formal cruise liner port, there are three suitable mooring points where the liners can berth for a few days. As the ones heading into

River Thames to be Checked for Unexploded Bombs

An advisory notice has been issued by the Port of London authority that they will be carrying out a survey of the river next week – looking for unexploded bombs! I’m sure it is just a routine event and left-over

The last RAF “Seaplane Tender” visits London

About a week ago, I had a press release from the RAF Museum in North London announcing a small bit of significant history was about to occur – but failed to mention the date. I however, then kept forgetting to

When there were icebergs in the River Thames

Although most readers will be familiar with the tales of the Frost Fairs, when the River Thames was completely frozen over, changes to the climate and river structures made such an event almost impossible in the 19th century – and

EXCLUSIVE: How London’s snow really arrives

If you thought snow fell from the sky as a natural phenomena, then let me dissuade you of that old-fashioned thinking. In our modern age where we expect nature to confirm to our requirements and calendar – snow is imported

The Queen to watch Swan Upping – for the first time

A brief note from the government’s press service a few days ago noted: “Her Majesty The Queen will see the Swan Upping ceremony between Bovney Lock and Oakley Court on the River Thames, on the 20th July 2009. This is

Oysters on the Thames

The Thames river bus service, The Thames Clipper – which zooms past my flat on a very regular basis – has announced that it is to start accepting Oyster PrePay cards from November. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/media/newscentre/11479.aspx Still to be confirmed is whether

An iceberg on the River Thames

Sitting at home, and what should go past the flat, but an iceberg with a polar bear on top of it. After having a WTF moment and grabbing the photo, I am now wondering where in the “Dummies Guide to