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Canoeing Along the Thames in the Dark

Dotted along the Thames are a number of rowing clubs for those of a watery inclination, but while they are perfect for regular rowers and wannabe regular rowers, it seems there is a limited opportunity for people who want a one-off chance to paddle along the river.

Photos – Fireworks by Parliament

Last night, as anyone who subscribes to my weekly newsletter would have known, a firework display took place by the Millbank Tower in Westminster. Not knowing if this would be a tiddly display on a barge, or a gigantic display

Unbuilt London: Victorian Railway Stations that Tried to Span the Thames

Blackfriars railway station has recently become the first station to span right across the River Thames, with entrances on both sides of the river – but it wasn’t the first time that someone tried to put a railway bridge across

The moment that I was allowed to open Tower Bridge

Yesterday, thanks to an offer from the City of London, I had a chance to do something really quite special – I was allowed to open Tower Bridge to let a cruise ship pass through. After the offer to open

On the river during the Jubilee Pageant

I live next to the river and walk along it often enough that I have never taken a trip in the many tourist boats that ply the Thames, and frankly, thought I never would. Until I was offered a trip

Helicopter to fly through Tower Bridge

One of those routine Port of London Authority notices that makes you sigh, open to see what it is then sit up and type WHAT is very loud letters. Such moments are why I subscribe to them – for those

Olympic sized security exercises on the Thames next month

A notice for mariners to look out for high speed boats whizzing up and down the river, and a very big Royal Navy ship has been distributed. The notice warns that security exercises that will take place along the Thames

New lifts at Greenwich foot tunnel – impress and depress at once

For the past year or so, the foot tunnel that runs under the Thames between the Isle of Dog and Greenwich has had the lifts out of action, and the staircase covered up in so much cladding that it is

Boris Bike stand maps ignoring the River Thames

The Boris Bikes are coming to the Isle of Dogs and in doing so, showing up the fallacy of using walking/cycling distance indicators that ignore the Thames. In central London, where bridges are plentiful, then the river is hardly a

The Northern Line tunnel – bombed and flooded in 1940 – and still sealed shut

Just before midnight on the 9th September 1940, sailors up on deck of the cargo sailing ship, Seven Seas were watching an air raid by German bombers over the Charing Cross railway bridge when an explosion hit the river and

The Waverley is in trouble

Ever since I moved to a flat next to the river, my summer evenings have been enlivened by the sight of a rather pretty boat chugging past the flat at night, with a distinctive paddle-steamer sound and decoratively lit for

Architects Drawings Overlook the Tidal Aspect of The Thames

Some new higher detailed images of the planned London River Park have been published on the BBC News website this morning. I will presume they are all the images provided, as the River Park’s own website doesn’t have the images

Exhibition about the Thames Cable Car opens at the Building Centre

After a few months of occasional prodding the river bed looking for unexploded German bombs, earlier this week construction formally started on the Cable Car that will stretch across the river by the O2/Millennium Dome/White Elephant (delete as appropriate). Coincidentally,

London’s River Park

London is – depending on the whim of the planners and chequebooks – about to get a new park, a long sinuous length of pedestrian walkway floating on the Thames that will contain a few pavilions, a swimming pool and

The Thames at the London Transport Museum

The Transport Museum in Covent Garden may conjure up images of old trams, buses and tube trains, but probably not the River Thames, even though it had been the main transport artery through London for most of the City’s life.

Photos – Two military hovercraft on the Thames

A dull rumbling sound getting slowly louder is usually a hint that I should get up and look out of the window to see if anything interesting is coming along the river. Usually it’s just a tourist boat being unusually

Photos – Reflections in the River Thames

Here is a photo of a comparatively rare sight for the River Thames – can you see what is unusual?

Sinister black speedboat action

I often see the police boat going past the flat – occasionally at full speed with lights flashing – but also sometimes I also see a couple of sinister black inflatable boats racing up and down the river. This morning,