River Thames - Latest news, articles and photos

River Thames - Latest news, articles and photos

Nightime drone display over the Thames

There’s to be a formation of 300 drones flying around the Thames for a filming event over the Christmas break.

A bale of straw is to hang from Wandsworth Bridge

Ancient laws about bridges and bales of straw will be enforced for the next few months as repair works are carried out on Wandsworth Bridge.

Water voles are being reintroduced to London

It’s Wind in the Willows for Kingston, as the water vole, one of the UK’s most endangered mammals is being returned to the wild.

Unbuilt London: Diverting the Thames through South London

The River Thames flows through a very expensive part of London, so wouldn’t it make more sense to divert it somewhere cheap — like South London, and then make better use of the land in central London? That was the

Unbuilt London: A gothic iron bridge across the Thames

Imagine a gothic bridge with turrets crossing the Thames at Lambeth, but made from iron. That was the proposal back in 1847, to replace the ferry that had long operated in this part of the Thames.

Royal Iris – the Mersey ferry rusting away on the Thames

The ferry that once took people across the Mersey has ended up with a very sad retirement, rusting away on the banks of the Thames.

The Woolwich WW2 pillbox

If you walk along the riverside near Woolwich, you might spy a concrete box covered in graffiti — it’s a relic from WW2.

Barking Creek Barrier: London’s lesser known flood barrier

Although the Thames Barrier is the most famous of London’s flood defenses, it’s only one of 36 industrial floodgates built to protect London — and one of the more distinctive is the Barking Creek Barrier.

Temporary river bridge at Hammersmith for cyclists and pedestrians

With the road bridge at Hammersmith closed for repairs, TfL has confirmed that it’s looking at building a temporary replacement – for cyclists and pedestrians.

See vintage films about the River Thames from the BFI archive

A collection of old films about the River Thames has been released from the BFI National Archive showing the Thames at trade, at war and at peace.

The past and future of Thames Bridges

An exhibition is taking a look at the past paintings and the future illuminations of the bridges across the Thames.

Canary Wharf cycle bridge delayed due to funding shortage

Plans for a pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the Thames linking Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf have been put on hold, due to a shortage of funding.

Help save the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer

Many a summer evening along the Thames is enlivened by the sight of a steam powered paddle-steamer passing through Tower Bridge. But not this year.

Plans shown off for a bridge across the Thames at the Barrier

The Thames Barrier could get a pedestrian bridge next to it under plans that have been shown off by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands. The proposed 530-metre long “Barrier Bridge” is a multi-span, double-leaf bascule bridge that would be situated immediately upstream

Disused riverside pier to be restored at London Bridge

The site of a riverside pier that was removed in 2012 is set to be rebuilt, restoring a riverside access that had been in use for 400 years.

A chance to go on board a tall sailing ship

A Polish tall sailing ship will be arriving in London at the weekend, and they are letting the public on board for a look around.

Ancient law requires a bale of straw to hang from the Millennium Bridge

Upholding an ancient law, next month a bale of straw is to be hung from the Millennium Footbridge as a warning to boats on the Thames.

Earliest human skull ever mudlarked from the Thames to go on display

Around 5,600 years ago a man died next to a wide meandering river, and over the millennia, the river changed, the landscape changed, but the remains of that man waited.