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Totally Thames festival announces events

The month long Thames oriented festival has published the details of what it is putting on this year.

Unbuilt London: The embankment railway

Imagine a railway, working without steam, running on tall columns along the banks of the Thames -- for that was a scheme created to link Blackfriars with Charing Cross in the 1840s.

Flying boats to return to London

A company which operates flying boats in Scotland has announced plans to operate out of one of London's smaller airports, and land in an Essex river.

Unfurling ice-rinks onto the River Thames

An architectural practice has shown off a concept for an unfolding ice rink which can be installed in places along the river and unfurl like a flower when the weather is right to form a natural ice rink.

Unbuilt London: The Thames Airport

No not that one, the other one. No, not that one either, the other one. Yes, this one -- the giant airport right in the centre of London on the Thames, next to Parliament.

Unbuilt London: Straightening the River Thames

The River Thames is a rather curvy beast, especially around the Isle of Dogs, but had a plan in 1796 been carried out, it would be considerably straighter.

Straw bales hanging from London bridges

The straw bales are back -- hanging from the wobbly bridge later this month.

The Victorian swimming baths floating in the Thames

Nearly 150 years ago, a miniature "Crystal Place" was moored on the Thames near Parliament, as a floating swimming bath.

The hovercraft on the Thames

In 1963, a short-lived experiment took place, running a regular hovercraft service along the Thames linking Tower Bridge to Westminster.

Bale of Straw to Hang from the Wobbly Bridge

Later this month, a bale of straw is to be hung from the Millennium Footbridge as a warning to boats on the Thames.

250 miniature lifeboats to sail down the Thames

On the eve of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, some 250 miniature lifeboats will also sail along the final mile of the route.

Inside the RNLI station on the Thames

Should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident on the Thames, the modern high speed boats that race to leave you would depart from one of the oldest intact parts of the riverside.

London’s lost bridge across the Thames at Blackwall

For nearly 1,700 years, the only bridge across the Thames was the famous London bridge, until Putney Bridge was constructed in 1726. Yet London very nearly had another bridge crossing the Thames, which may have been in fact constructed, at least in part before being abandoned.

Old and modern photos of London Bridges – blended

The Museum of London Docklands has released some hybrid photographs showing 'then and now' views of London and its most iconic bridges across the ages.

Fantasy Architecture – Recreating the Frost Fairs

The last frost fair took place 200 years ago about nowish -- if you ignore the recent frost fairs on the southbank, which involved neither frost, nor very much fair to be frank.

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