Regents Park - Latest news and reviews

US President’s helicopters flying over central London today (31st May)

Look to the skies, if you're in the right place, as eight helicopters are expected to fly in formation over central London at lunchtime.

Giant “Ice House” discovered under the streets of Marylebone

A long-lost Ice House has been uncovered during building works under the Regent's Crescent in Marylebone.

180th Anniversary of Regent’s Park’s Lost Railway Station

Buried underneath part of the Regent's Park lies one of London rail heritage's stranger stories, an entire railway terminus that once rivaled Euston station, but now is empty, abandoned, and largely forgotten.

A museum devoted to eye surgery – open this month only

For the next few weeks, we mere mortals are being permitted to enter the hallowed halls of medical heritage as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists holds its first ever open days. More accurately, open hours – as the museum is