Regent Street - Latest news and reviews

Modern art decorates Regent Street

You might have noticed, if you are in the area, that a large number of banners looking rather odd have gone up in the West End. It's not a cryptic advert, but part of celebrations to mark the Royal Academy's 250th anniversary.

Some interesting tiling and a secret basement

Deep under the shops and offices of Regent Street lay a rich man's secret - a secure vault that until recently was acting as a confidential safe deposit facility.

Unbuilt London: The Regent’s Circus

London's famous three - Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Regent's Circus. Hang on, Regent's Circus? Yes, the huge circle at the top of Regent Street lined with expensive houses. Haven't you seen it?

There will be a tube train on Regent Street

A couple of years ago Regent Street was filled with vintage London buses, and this coming July, it will happen again, and with a 1927 tube train carriage thrown into the mix.

Regent Street filled with vintage buses

Today nearly 50 buses of various vintages from exceptionally old to so young the paint was barely dry filled Regent Street for a display that felt as static as a normal rush hour, except that frustrated faces were replaced with happy smiles.

Hamleys – the new tube station for Regent Street

Half way down Regent Street, with minimal fanfare, a new tube station has opened on the Bakerloo Line. Sadly, it's not a real one, although it most certainly is underground.