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Looking down a Victorian pumping shaft in Docklands

A small octagonal brick building in docklands conceals a marvellous secret – an 18 metre deep Victorian shaft that is used to pump out water that leaks into the Connaught railway tunnel that runs under the docks. If you are

The dead bodies service from King’s Cross railway station

Although the necropolis railway at Waterloo Station running out to Surrey is quite well known, its northern counterpart is seemingly largely forgotten...

Photos inside a future Crossrail Tunnel

Last April I had a chance to walk through the length of the Connaught Tunnel, a disused railway tunnel in Docklands that will be refurbished for Crossrail. Today I went back for another look, although due to the now ongoing

The day I got to ride in the drivers cab on a heritage railway line

Over the weekend, the still under refurbishment Eping-Ongar Railway had an open day. Officially to celebrate the restoration of one of their train stations, which was far from finished, I overheard on chap comment that actually it was an attempt

Taking a Private Trip in London’s Parliamentary Train Service

A mysterious train runs between North and South London during the week, direct between two stations that shouldn’t be possible to travel between. Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon – and never at weekends. From Wandsworth Road

A tour of the Eurostar repair depot at Stratford

The other day I went to visit the train depot near Stratford where the Eurostar trains are repaired. Organised by the The Institution of Engineering and Technology, photography within the depot was forbidden, we were advised to bring a passport/driving

Catch the last ever trip on c2c’s Blue Train

c2c, the strangely named train line that runs out of the tiny Fenchurch Street train station towards Southend-on-Sea is having a special event on the 5th March. It will mark the very last day a train will run on their

Steam Trains and Road Crossings

A press release from Network Rail the other day made me do a bit of a double-take and a bit of research. The press release itself was nothing special, being a warning that a moribund, but never technically closed (echos

India to get a monorail service

Saw a nifty bit of news this morning – it seems that the contracts have been awarded to build the first monorail service in India – in Mumbai (Bombay). I saw a series of programs earlier this year on BBC

The end of an era on the railways

The East Coast Main Line National Express trains are to stop serving tea in cups and saucers. Apparently passengers in First Class dining cars complain about the noise of spoons rattling about in their saucers, so mugs are replacing cups

The world’s second oldest underground railway?

London Underground is famously the world’s oldest underground railway – but which one came second? Well, that accolade goes to the Tünel, in Turkey’s Istanbul. It is also arguably the world’s shortest underground railway, being just 571 meters in length