Railway - Latest news and reviews

The last days of Banbury’s railway signal boxes

In a few weeks time, one of the best of its grade of railway signal boxes will be torn down, but before that, there is a chance to go inside and have a look.

A disused railway line – the Belmont Trail

Just over 50 years ago a small branch running off the railway near Harrow closed, and is now much of the line has been converted into a pleasant if seemingly little used walk.

Ticket Alert: Chance to visit a historic railway signal box

On the eve of its demolition, there will be a chance to visit a historic railway signal box to have a look inside.

Unbuilt London: The embankment railway

Imagine a railway, working without steam, running on tall columns along the banks of the Thames -- for that was a scheme created to link Blackfriars with Charing Cross in the 1840s.

Passenger services could be restored to Southall railway line

This weekend, a cargo railway in West London saw humans transported instead of waste as the local heritage railway laid on shuttles using a restored steam rail-motor engine.

Camden to get a miniature railway

Later this month, a small miniature railway will be installed running along the top of a shop in Camden.

150th anniversary of the Thames Valley Railway

Just under 150 years ago, a new railway line opened linking Shepperton to Twickenham. As with so many grand railway schemes, grand plans to expand it further came to nothing, but 150 years later, that little bit of railway is still there, and still very much in use.

Street art under a railway bridge near Brixton

There is a railway line that passes through residential streets in South London and at one point leaves a low lying bridge over a pedestrian passageway -- and that passage is an art gallery.

Unbuilt London: The Victorian proposal for a railway to Westminster Abbey

Fairly recently, a chap called Moffat wrote a story about an underground railway in Westminster -- to considerable fury of tube geeks who spent an inordinate time chewing over holes in the plot.

Why it will take 80 dead goats to build the HS2 Railway

If, or when the High Speed 2 railway is constructed, it will require roughly 6,000 dead goats.

The short-lived experiment with rubber tires on railways

For all their design innovations, railways still retain one fundamental weakness -- they put metal wheels onto metal tracks.

The abandoned Post Office Railway to be opened to the public

As I am sure you are all aware, the Post Office has its own private railway that runs under London and it lies abandoned and empty. However, it's ghostly slumbers may be about to be disturbed.

Strange Air — A Railway Ghost Story

Anyone who has even the slightest hint of interest in London's abandoned railway tunnels is bound to have heard rumours of Victorian train carriages being buried within them and lost.

Unbuilt London: The railway in the middle of the Thames

Imagine if you will, a city straining to cope with a growing population and a transport network barely able to keep up. Lots of plans are submitted for new railway schemes to deal with the bottleneck, but all have one major downside -- the destruction of vast swathes of housing and factories.

Unbuilt London: Victorian Railway Stations that Tried to Span the Thames

Blackfriars railway station has recently become the first station to span right across the River Thames, with entrances on both sides of the river – but it wasn’t the first time that someone tried to put a railway bridge across