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The splendour of the East arrives at the Queen’s Gallery

Two very different exhibitions, both celebrating the splendours of the Indian subcontinent -- from Mughal paintings, to jewellery and elaborate weaponry -- both at The Queen's Gallery.

A riot of colour as the King of Bling struts his stuff

After decades of monochrome Puritanism, Britain exploded with colour and magnificence, and it's this period of artistic renaissance that's the topic of a new exhibition at the Queen's Gallery.

The Queen shows off her Canaletto collection

A sumptuous feast for the eyes has opened at the Queen's Gallery with their latest exhibition devoted to Canaletto, and his paintings of picturesque Venice.

See the other King George’s in the Queen’s Gallery

We all know old mad King George III, but who were the other two monarchs? That is a question that a new exhibition at the Queen's Gallery seeks to answer.

What was the mystery obelisk alongside the Thames?

Around 1750, Canaletto painted a scene of London from Somerset House towards Westminster. It shows all the obvious things you would expect to see...

Past and future geniuses of art at the Queen’s Gallery

A dual exhibition has opened that is devoted to the art of drawings upon paper -- one half devoted to an acknowledged lost genius, and the other half to modern day artists, most of whom can be presumed to want to avoid the same title.

The Northern Renaissance opens at the Queen’s Gallery

A more widespread counterpart to its Italian cousin, the Northern Renaissance swept across northern Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, affecting art, literature and even politics in a time of Protestant turmoil and the English reformation. Digging into the

A look around the Leonardo exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery

Is it art or is is science? A display of drawings by a Renaissance artist would seem to be art, but they are the earliest known systematic studies of human anatomy, so they seem to be science. This is the