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Rare London Underground poster by Man Ray up for sale

If your pockets are deeper than the Mariana Trench then you might be excited to know that the iconic Man Ray poster design for London Underground is being sold by an auction house.

Old posters uncovered at Vauxhall tube station

Works to clean up the poster display units have uncovered decades old posters lurking deep under the layers.

Three new posters to appear on the London Underground

The annual exhibition of new posters by today's illustrators has opened and you'll be seeing three of them in tube stations shortly.

Three Art Galleries to Visit. Maybe

Today I visited three art galleries in fairly close proximity to each other. This is what I thought.

Over 300 vintage London Transport posters to go on sale

The posh auction house, Christie’s is holding a sale of over 300 original advertising posters dating from 1913 to 1955. The sale is of posters direct from the archives of London Transport Museum (LTM), so not a private collection built

Youh ish ma besht friend you ish.

Finally was in a position yesterday to take a photo of this poster on the underground that has amused me for some months. Am I the only one who thinks the guy looks drunk and is slurring sweet nothings into

Hampstead Tube Station: Past & Posters

I know almost nothing about this – thanks the paucity of information offered in the email that arrived this morning – but it is probably worth highlighting anyway. Between 19th August and 19th November, Burgh House in Hampstead is hosting

Vintage Transport Posters at Christies

Argh – those evil people at Christie’s are tormenting me again with another sale of (for me) unaffordable, yet highly desirable retro posters. The full list is here, and below are a few of my personal favourites. Click on each

Travel and Vintage Posters

Another Christies auction of posters is coming up soon – and while I really like a lot of the old posters, the fact that a lot of other people share my interest tends to push the prices to unaffordable levels.

Vintage Posters from the Golden Age of Transport

I am a bit of a fan of the slightly rose-tinted memory of the so-called “golden age of transport”, and the posters that it inspired – although far too poor to be able to afford to collect them, alas. Like

New Anti-Terror Adverts

The Orwellian posters, adverts and their ilk that are going up to warn us to snoop on our neighbours report legitimately suspicious behaviour, such as not recycling the glass bottles have invevitably lead to a website to make you your

Poster exhibition at the Transport Museum

Last night I (and friend) had tickets to attend the opening evening of the Transport Museum’s latest exhibition – a history of posters on the London Underground. It turns out that London Underground was probably the first transport network to