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Spot the green Penfold letterbox in the City of London

A main road in the City of London recently gained a very rare thing indeed - an early green painted Penfold letter box.

The abandoned Post Office Railway to be opened to the public

As I am sure you are all aware, the Post Office has its own private railway that runs under London and it lies abandoned and empty. However, it's ghostly slumbers may be about to be disturbed.

Photos of the abandoned Post Office Railway go on display

One of London's great hidden marvels is the subterranean Post Office Railway running under the centre of the city and now, sadly mothballed.

Three heritage events along the Central Line

A terrestrial alignment of heritage took place on Saturday as I found three heritage related events taking place within a few stops of each other on the Central Line. First stop was also underground related as the Post Office’s overflow

Post Offices and Peter Mandelson

Last night I attended a speech by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson who outlined a new policy of boosting the UK economy though revamping how the government works and try to assist businesses to function in the current economic climate. Most

Two talks on two nights

Been a busy few days – went to talks this evening and yesterday evening. Considering that I normally work in the evenings, these nights out result in coming home and having to put in an extra hour or two before

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?

Woes with the Post Office. Today I had to make two trips to Royal Mail institutions – one to pay a “fine” of 6p on some postage, along with a £1 handling fee – then off the post office to