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Straw bales hanging from London bridges

The straw bales are back -- hanging from the wobbly bridge later this month.

Memorial sound to echo down the Thames

An eerie sound may be heard along the Thames later this month, as all ships jointly sound their horns in mourning.

Bale of straw to be hung from Tower Bridge

In line with ye olde traditions, if headroom of an arch on a bridge over the Thames is reduced from its usual limits, but remains open to navigation… then a bale of straw must be hung from the arch to

Cruise Liners Visiting London in 2010

Each summer, a series of luxury liners visit London, and while the city doesn’t have a formal cruise liner port, there are three suitable mooring points where the liners can berth for a few days. As the ones heading into

River Thames to be Checked for Unexploded Bombs

An advisory notice has been issued by the Port of London authority that they will be carrying out a survey of the river next week – looking for unexploded bombs! I’m sure it is just a routine event and left-over

Port of London Authority “leaks” General Election Date?

I happen to be on the mailing list for maritime notices from the Port of London Authority. Most are about regulations about using the river. However, some are useful as a “this area is to be closed off” type alert