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How to get your own fake passport

With the news media largely dominated by a recent assassination in my old stomping grounds of Dubai, there has been much talk of the use of fake passports. Politicians have been outraged at the insult to the British Passport and

What a mistake-a to make-a!

Is it the silly season already? I ask as a LibDem councillor has been suspended for going to a fancy dress party dressed up as a Nazi officer – causing cries of outrage from the generic “cries of outrage” lobby.

Pastafarainism is recognised by the government!

From House of Lords Hansard: “Baroness Warsi: To ask Her Majesty’s Government which religions and faiths are officially recognised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The Lord President of the Council (Baroness Royall of Blaisdon): The Equality and Human

How to win friends and influence people

As one of my hobbies is reading the Early Day Motions in the House of Commons (yes, I am that sad), some of which are serious and some can be quite amusing – I came across this one which was

You need to write to your MP – Today!

Time to flex your typing fingers as there is a fairly urgent need to contact your MP today. It seems that the government has been caught in the act of “burying bad news” and chose the day that the media

A gallery of Political Cartoons

I wandered along to the Political Cartoon Gallery – which is just off Tottenham Court Road – on Saturday for a look at an exhibition which was due to finish that day. I was actually planning to go there the

London’s Met Police running adverts on Google

It seems that the Metropolitan Police has turned to Google to place adverts on the internet calling for people to report suspected Right Wing Extremists – and the advert is directing people to the Met Police’s anti-terrorism web pages. For

Post Offices and Peter Mandelson

Last night I attended a speech by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson who outlined a new policy of boosting the UK economy though revamping how the government works and try to assist businesses to function in the current economic climate. Most

Last minute tickets

Am off to the RSA this evening to listen to Lord Mandy of Dodgy Mortgage give a talk about boosting the British economy and it seems that the talk is proving popular as I had an email earlier this week

Two talks on two nights

Been a busy few days – went to talks this evening and yesterday evening. Considering that I normally work in the evenings, these nights out result in coming home and having to put in an extra hour or two before

Democratic Citizens or Cogs in the Machine

I wandered along to the RSA this evening for a talk on an issue which interests me – and in essence it is how the internet is changing how people interact with politics. The talk was lead by Stephen Coleman,

In Conversation with Cherie Blair

Something to put in your diary – as free tickets to a conversation with Cherie Blair will be made available on Monday morning on the LSE website. One ticket per person can be requested from 10.00am on Monday 24 November

The winter fuel allowance

There was a throw-away line in The Economist the other week, which made me think “how odd” at the time. Alas, I forgot about it until just now when I watched the weather report which was talking about snow in

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

An interesting article in this weeks issue of The Economist drew my eye to a new body being set up by the UK government – the UK Statistics Authority. This is designed to try and fix one of the big