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Plumstead’s mysterious ice-age Slade Ravine

Plumstead Common is open land high up the hills overlooking the Thames, and has a very odd and very deep valley running through one side of it. How has a short, deep, valley ended up here on top of a hill?

London’s Pocket Parks: Gallions Hill and Reach Park, SE28

This riverside park features a tall man made mound surrounded by a cluster of barrows offering views across south-east London.

Network Rail connects existing rail network with Crossrail tunnels

The rail connection between the national rail network and the Crossrail tunnels has been successfully completed, linking east to west through Central London for the first time.

Photos – the Crossrail tunnel portal at Plumstead

In a few weeks time, the fifth of Crossrail’s eight tunnel boring machines will join the other four already underground and start grinding its way through the soil to leaving behind a slick grey concrete tunnel in its wake.

Photos from the Crossrail station construction site at Woolwich

While most of the focus on Crossrail is north of the river, the railway will have an important spur down towards South-East London, and this weekend was a chance to see the station box being built at Woolwich. The original

Of a Wood, a Castle and a Common

No long rambling thoughts, just a long ramble through South London to stop me sitting at the computer and doing the work I should be doing. Herewith – some photos: Greenwich foot tunnel – photos of which are officially not